Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Y2Khai Reloaded

It's been almost six years since a group of friends from a now defunct dot-com got together to make the mockumentary "Y2Khai-a hip hopumentary", about the fictional Asian rap star, Y2Khai. Khai worked with us at WireBreak Entertainment, but is better known as a gansta rapper from the San Fernando Valley.

Created by Jason Lawrence and Jon Foshee, Y2Khai began as a series of short flash animated videos. Y2Khai's popularity grew quickly and culminated with a hit website, magazine articles, and t-shirt sales.

This film was made for literally tens of dollars, using a borrowed MiniDV camera, an old microphone, recycled DV tapes, and whatever locations and props we could use for free. There wasn't a script. Just a basic framework from which to improvise. Low budget, run and gun film making at it's finest.

Keep an eye out for me as I pull a Hitchcock as the crying boom mic operator. Somehow the academy has ignored my performance:)