Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Doritos® - Gravity - 10,000 Hits & Climbing!

Thanks everybody for helping making "Gravity" such a success! We just passed over 10,000 views on Vimeo!

For those of you who have wondered what happens to the girl after the climber lands on her? That question will be answered soon in our forthcoming alternate ending version of "Gravity".

Spoiler Alert! The girl is doing just fine:)

Doritos® - Gravity - Rock Climbing/ Bouldering Reviews - Part 2

It looks like our Doritos commercial "Gravity", is a worldwide hit amongst rock climbers and bouldering aficionados. I had no idea when I shot this spot, that so many people would like it. I guess since there is very little dialog, it makes for a perfect international commercial, which anybody can understand and enjoy.

Above, you can see that we are featured on Germany's "Berg Leben" website, which translates to "Moutain Life". "Gravity" is a featured video of the week. Vielen Dank meine Freunde!

It looks like Jerry Lewis is not the only American who is big in France. We are featured on French Photographer Rogier van Rijn's blog, as well as, a French adventurers site. Here is what Kairn said, "Voici la dernière pub pour les chips Doritos. Attention à bien choisir vos assureurs!", which translates to "Here is the latest ad for Doritos chips. Make sure you choose your insurance!" Merci beaucoup d'amis!

And finally, our comrades in Russia at have been nice enough to help promote our capitalist ways. They called our commercial "Сила притяжения". which I think translates to "Attractive Power". They must have been talking about Lauren. Sorry Luis and Thomas:)

More reviews to come! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doritos® - Gravity - Rock Climbing/ Bouldering Reviews - Part 1

Well, it's been about a week since I finished and submitted my entry "Gravity", to this year's Doritos "Crash The Superbowl" contest. Some of the reviews and comments are starting to trickle in, so I thought I would share some of them with you.

Above, you can see that we are featured on the Rock Climbing UK magazine with an article entitled, "Why you should always pay attention when belaying...". They kinda took the commercial a little too literally, expecting it to be a video on proper climbing etiquette, rather that just a spot to bring a few laughs. I thought the British were suppose to have a sense of humor? Maybe they are still mad at us for stealing "The Office" from them:)

We are also featured on, and While most of the climbers really enjoyed it, a few took the time to point out our improper use of safety equipment. We know we took a few liberties regarding proper climbing procedure, but otherwise we wouldn't have had a punchline, and what fun would that be?

Here are some of their comments.

Wow! Nice to see an ad that 'knows what it is doing' with the ropes! - tooth

That chick has a HAWT ASS. Good production values, too. - toadgas

Well done! Thats a great commercial! - Prezwoodz

FABULOUS! Seems to fit the genre perfectly! YAY! - eKat

Fun way to start the week! Great job & thank you! - Fritz

Since there are so many commercials, there should be a law that each has to be funny. This would definitely pass the test. Very funny. Nice work. - Patrick Oliver

Superb! - Dos XX

FANTASTIC! I love it! - Ihateplastic

Haha that's awesome! Just sent it to everyone at the climbing shop I work at! - Curt Hokanson

More reviews to come! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Doritos® - Gravity - Crash the Super Bowl 2012

A commercial for Doritos.

Three friends experience the highs and lows of rock climbing.

Starring: Luis Galindo, Thomas Meaney and Lauren Johnson
Written, Directed, Edited, Composited and Graded by: Michael Eggert
Assistant Director: Laurie Shishino
Sound Design by: Marty Vites
Key Grip: Albert Salazar
Rigger: Patrick Meaney
Music by: Gioachino Rossini - Overture to "Barber of Seville"

Shot on location at Stoney Point.

Shot on a two hacked Panasonic GH1's at ISO 100, 23.976 fps, with a Vivitar 17mm f3.5, Canon FD 20mm f2.8, Canon FL 35mm f2.5, Canon FL 55mm f1.2, Rainbow Imaging FL/FD Adapter and LightCraft Workshop Fader ND.

Sansdisk Extreme Class 10 SDHC Card.

Rode Video Mic Pro.

Tascam DR-07.

Edited in Final Cut Pro.

Sound Designed and Mixed in Garage Band.

Composited in After Effects.

Color Graded in Color.

Check it out on the Dortos "Crash The Superbowl" website.

Check it out on YouTube.

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