Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dash Express Internet GPS

If you live in a major metropolitian area, such as Los Angeles, you already know that traffic sucks. What you need is some insider information that will help you bypass the traffic jams, and pick a faster alternate route.

Dash approaches traffic in an entirely new way - by collecting it from other people driving real commute routes, during real commute times. Each Dash Express anonymously and automatically sends its position and speed back to servers at the Dash Network Operations Center. The Dash servers then update all other Dash devices in the area with current road speeds. That way, members of the Dash Driver Network always have the best, most up-to-date traffic information available.

Dash Express is also the only Internet Connected GPS. Using Dash, you can connect to Yahoo!® Local search and find unlimited, up-to-date information about businesses, products and services—all in real-time, and all rated by real users.

Whether you're at home, the office, or out of town, you can log into your MyDash account from any Internet-connected computer to easily manage and send information wirelessly to your device.

DashApps such as "Trapster", which warns you when there is a live speed trap, photo enforcement camera, or typical enforcement location nearby, add even more functionality to an already robust device.

It looks like Dash has taken an entirely new approach to automotive GPS with the needs of the busy commuter in mind.

Pros: Real Time Traffic, Wifi Connected, DashApps.

Cons: Slightly Funky Design, Not For Rural Areas.

List Price: $299.99

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