Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Color Grading

Here are a couple of frame grabs from a little video shoot that I did with some of my students. We used a Canon XH-A1 shooting at 23.976 fps, 1/48th sec shutter, at 1440 x 1080. Lighting was a combination of the bathroom's fluorescents and two small Lowel Tota-lights. The XH-A1 is actually pretty decent in low light settings, so I was able to shoot without adding any gain.

Since we were limited to the confined space of the school's bathroom, we weren't able to pull the camera back very far which helped contribute to some serious lack of depth of field. Would have been nice to use a 35mm lens adapter, but not quite possible on a school budget.

Here are two images for a before and after comparison. Resized to 960 x 540. I did a little color grading, vignetting, and defocusing to help bring the viewers eye back towards the actor washing his hands.