Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zacuto ZGrip iPhone PRO

Talk about some serious GEAR PORN. Zacuto, the makers of some of the slickest and most expensive camera accessories, have come up with the coolest iPhone 3GS add on.

The ZGrip iPhone Pro provides you the ultimate handgrip system for shooting professional quality video with your iPhone. The ZGrip features the same high quality construction and adjustability that all Zacuto products are famous for.

Don't have enough coin for the $295.00 Pro version? Take a look at it's little brother, the ZGrip iPhone Jr. At just $69.00, it's well within the reach of would be filmmakers.

Do you really need a ZGrip? Probably not. But it would sure be cool.

Pros: Amazing Build Quality, Crazy Functionality.

Cons: Über expensive.

List Price: $295.00