Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Simultania Project

A good friend of mine has a really cool video project that needs your help. I will be participating, and you should too.

The Simultania Project is about having different people from all over the world film the same 1-minute-moment in time on Saturday, November 13, and then assembling the resulting footage into a video installation that plays back all the simultaneous perspectives together and in sync.

The project is about Simultaneous Realities, the idea that the unfolding of one's own reality is happening in parallel with the unfolding of everyone else's. It's about realizing that other experiences of consciousness are occurring right now besides your own.

Be a part of the Simultania Project by supplying your point of view of the world during the 1-minute-moment on November 13, 2010!

Go here to find out more, and to sign up.