Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top Ten Cheap Mac Apps

Here is my Top Ten List of cheap or free mac apps. Listed in no particular order, since they are all equally great.

Voltaic HD $39.99 - AVCHD converter for those pesky MTS and M2TS files.

WhatSize $12.99 - Find out what files are hogging your hard-drive space.

Transmit $34.00 - Super fast FTP client with simple interface.

Transmission Free! - BitTorrent client for all your software pirating needs.

Monolingual Free! - Strip away unnecessary language packs and free up some hard-drive space.

Nicecast $40.00 - Turn your mac into a internet streaming radio station.

AppZaper $12.95 - The fastest and coolest way to uninstall an app.

Handbrake Free! - You've got DVD's, and you want to convert them for your mobile device.

MPEG Streamclip Free! - The video encoder that is faster than Apple's Compressor.

Super Duper Free! - Make a cloned backup of your hard-drive, protect yourself.

You're welcome America.