Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bobble Personal Water Filtration

If you live in Los Angeles you can almost get a ticket for not carrying around a bottle of water. Just as small dogs have become fashion accessories, so has the requisite water bottle. Nothing says "Hey, I work out..." more than carrying your own water supply.

If you really want to one up those other douche-bags, then go ecologically-friendly with the Karim Rashid (speaking of douche-bags) designed "bobble".

The bobble has a simple activated carbon filter built into the bottom of its drinking spout. As water passes through the carbon, chlorine and various organic contaminants are removed. The filter is good for at least 300 bottlefuls, which should work out to about two months.

13 oz - $8.95
18.5 oz - $9.95
34 oz - $12.95

All kidding aside it's a pretty cool idea and is very well designed and executed. You might even see me carrying one around if somebody would just hold my dog for me:)