Saturday, August 27, 2011

Klipsch Image S4 In-Ear Headphones

Way back in 2007, I did a little review of my then favorite in-ear headphones, the Etymotic ER•6i. These were awesome headphones and served me well for three years. About 6 months ago, they finally gave up the ghost and went to that great big stereo in the sky.

This time I decided to go with Klipsch and their Image S4 headphones. I am really enjoying these little guys. They are a lot more comfortable than my old Etymotics. Keeping them in for extended periods of time is no problem due to their light weight and ergonomic design.

Sonically they are great. They provide a rich full spectrum sound, that lets you hear all the smaller details in the music. They have a somewhat analog style sound profile. The complete opposite of the digital and brittle quality of some lesser quality headphones. The bass response is very warm, full and fat. Great for old school 70's classic rock.

Even though I really loved my old ER•6i's, I think I am going to love these new S4's even more.

But, as it is with new loves, only time will tell:)

Pros: Comfortable, Great Sounding, Warm Bass.

Cons: Limited Sizes of Ear Tips.

List Price: $79.00