Tuesday, January 1, 2008

iPhone Juice Pack

Everyone knows that the iPhone is one cool gadget. But as a phone, it does have one serious drawback. Battery life. Nothing like using your iPhone to watch a movie while you are on a cross country flight. The only bummer is that your battery is probably going to be dead by the time you arrive. That would make calling your friend to meet you down by baggage claim rather difficult. Most cellphones have easily accessible batteries that you can replace in a matter of seconds. The iPhone does not. What's a world traveler to do? Get yourself a "Juice Pack" from mophie. This slide on battery pack will power up your iPhone with up to 8 hours of Talk Time. I particularly like the homage to the old G3 Powerbook Batteries with the 4 stage LED indicator.

Pros: Extended Battery Life, Great for Traveling.

Cons: "Kermit The Frog" Green Interior Lining.

List Price: $99.95

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