Saturday, January 26, 2008

Minty Fresh Penguin Headphone Amp

Ever wonder what to do with all those empty mint tins? How about making an audiophile quality headphone amp? Amazingly enough a whole community of DIY'ers has sprung up making high quality headphone amps that fit into a minuscule mint tin. Commonly known as a CMOY, named after the original concept and design by Chu Moy. If you are tech savvy enough to build your own, you can find instructions and parts lists at Tangentsoft and at Williamneo.

If you are too lazy or technically challenged, you can get a slick professional built amp from Penguin Amp International. Based in Germany, Robert Gehrke has taken this idea and raised it to a new level. He offers three models ranging from $49.00 to $99.00. I like the "Caffeine Ultra" which features a meticulously designed printed circuit board. Much nicer that anything I could ever cobble together.

Pros: Retro Graphics, Professionally Built.

Mints Not Included.

List Price: $49.00 to $99.00