Saturday, February 2, 2008

DLO Homedock HD

With more and more video content being stored on video capable iPod's, there is a need to be able to watch this content on a HD plasma or LCD display. The only problem is that iPod's are only able to output Standard Definition video which is woefully inadequate for viewing on a HD display.

DLO has a great new iPod dock that will upconvert the video signal to 720p or 1080i. The Homedock HD is a stylish set top box that will output iPod video to your TV via HDMI, S Video, and Composite. It even has Digital Audio and USB connections. A small remote control is also included for easy couch surfing of your videos. The Homedock HD does for the iPod what Oppo's DV-980H does for DVD's.

The Homedock HD was recently awarded as an iLounge Best of Show Finalist for C.E.S. 2008.

Pros: Clean Design, HDMI Output, Remote Control.

No Wifi Connectivity.

List Price: $249.99 (Price subject to change.)