Thursday, March 27, 2008


Okay, when was the last time that you rasterbated? What? You swear you never ever have? Well isn't it about time that you started? has a pixlelicious piece of software called the Rasterbator that will help you turn any photo or graphic into a Roy Lichtenstein inspired work of art.

This ingenious piece of software turns any image into a series of halftone dots that when viewed from afar appear to be a continuous tone. You choose how large you want the final image to be, if you want it to be in color or b&w, and then just sit back as the software transforms your image into a PDF document that you can easily print on your latest ink jet or laser printer. Gather up all your prints, arrange them on your wall, and you have instant pop art!

So forget all about what your Mom use to tell you about going blind, and start Rasterbating!

Pros: Simple Interface, Excellent Results.

Doctor, I See Spots Before My Eyes.

List Price: FREE!