Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BIg Rock - Ambit Energy

Two guys discuss the benefits of independent energy whilst rock climbing.

I had so much fun shooting with Thomas and Sean on "Nice Shorts", I thought it would be great to reunite them for an epic rock climbing adventure. We did get hassled by a park ranger about something called a "permit". What is this mythical piece of paper that you speak of?

Starring: Thomas Meaney and Sean Goodman
Written, Directed and Edited by: Michael Eggert
Original Score by: Marty Vites
Voice Over by: Kevin Thomas

Shot on location at Stoney Point.

Shot on a hacked Panasonic GH1 at ISO 100, 23.976 fps, with a Canon FL 55mm f1.2, Canon FD 20mm f2.8, Rainbow Imaging FL/FD Adapter and Fader ND.

Carry Speed V Shoulder Support.

Sansdisk Extreme Class 10 SDHC Card.

Rode Video Mic Pro.

Edited in Final Cut Pro.

Color Graded in After Effects.