Friday, June 24, 2011

Final Cut Pro X - Epic Fail!

Apple has decided to forget about us professional editors, teachers, students and filmmakers, and rather focus on soccer moms and stay at home dads. Final Cut Pro X in no longer for industry professionals, and should have been called iMovie Pro.

The guys over at Adobe and Avid must be doing cartwheels down their halls, since they know that Apple has just killed the best editing program known to man. Nice job, Steve Jobs...thanks for negating 10 years of Final Cut Pro experience.

Here is what has been completely removed or drastically changed.
  • Chapter Markers
  • Limited Export Settings
  • No Export for Hi-Res JPGs
  • No Support for EDL
  • No XML Import
  • No OMF export
  • No Native Support for Red Raw files
  • No Multicam
  • Inability to Open Projects Saved From Previous FCP Versions
  • No Capture from Tape or Output to Tape
  • Limited Options for Arranging Your Workspace
  • No Native Support for Third Party Plugins
  • Limited External Monitoring
Conan does a great job showing it's weaknesses, and gives a good laugh. Unfortunately, editors around the world see no humor in what Apple has done, as they have completely abandoned all of us who have fought to make Final Cut Pro the de facto standard.

Is it to late to go back to editing on Steenbeck?