Sunday, October 23, 2011

Data Rescue 3

Recently, I had a catastrophic hard drive failure on one of my archive drives. Almost 750 gigabytes of data was inaccessible since the hard drive failed to mount. I tried the built-in OSX disk utility, but it didn't recognize any problems. Then I tried "Disk Warrior" and it wasn't able to do a rebuild because of a mounting problem. Finally, as a last resort I tried Data Rescue 3, and miraculously it was able to find all the files on the hard drive.

After a rather lengthy process of recovering the missing files to another hard drive, and then copying them back to the original freshly reformatted drive, I am back to were I was before the failure.

If your hard drive crashes, remain calm, and try Data Rescue 3.

It saved my bacon:)

Pros: Finds and Recovers your Missing Files.

Cons: A Little Expensive (But Worth It).

List Price: $99.00