Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life's a Beach - Margaritaville Cargo

We felt like kicking it old school, standard definition style with this commercial for Margaritaville Cargo Mixed Drink Makers. I haven't done anything at standard definition for years, and now I know why:) Once again, staring the usual suspects.

Not everyone can live by the beach, but anyone can have an instant party with the Margaritaville Cargo Mixed Drink Maker.

Starring: Thomas Meaney, Marty Vites and Sean Goodman
Written, Directed and Edited by: Michael Eggert
Original Song by: Marty Vites & Thomas Meaney

Special thanks to Michael Sattin of The Resonant Heads for letting us borrow your cool red guitar strap. You can get your own at Couch Guitar Straps.

Shot on location in Santa Monica, Ca.

MJPEG HD, 1280x720, Smooth Mode -2 -2 0 0, Conformed to 640x480 SD.

Shot on three hacked Panasonic GH1's at varying ISO's, 60 fps, 1/60th, with Canon FL 35mm f2.5, Canon FL 55mm f1.2, Canon FL 85mm f1.8 and Rainbow Imaging FL/FD Adapters.

Benro C-298M8 Carbon HVC Flexpod.

Sansdisk Extreme Class 10 SDHC Card.

Rode Video Mic Pro.

Edited in Final Cut Pro.

Composited in After Effects.