Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Catch?" - Doritos Commercial

My entry for the 2011 Doritos "Crash The Super Bowl" Contest.

Starring: Thomas Meaney, Erin Cooney and Bear
Written, Directed, Edited by: Michael Eggert
Sound Design by: Marty Vites
Voice Over by: Kevin Thomas
Music by: Grieg - Peer Gynt Suites
Special Thanks to Erin Vites & Janet Keijser

Shot on a hacked Panasonic GH1 at ISO 100, 23.976 fps, with a Canon FL 55 f1.2, Canon FL 35mm f2.5, Kiron 28mm f2.0, Rainbow Imaging FL/FD Adapter and Fader ND.

717AH Fluid Head, Benro C-298M8 Carbon HVC Flexpod.

Sansdisk Extreme Class 10 SDHC Card.

Audio recorded on a Zoom H1.

Edited in Final Cut Pro.

Audio mix in Garage Band.

Composited and color graded in After Effects.

You can see my commercial and other entries at the "Crash The Super Bowl" website.

You can also see it in HD on YouTube.