Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Steve Weiss of Zacuto

Steve Weiss, Emmy Award winning director, and the main man behind Zacuto, took the time to critique my Doritos commercial, "Catch?"

Here is what he said.


You asked for my critique it, here you go:

good, cute/funny

Shots, framing and screen direction
Excellent, good use of the 16x9 aspect ratio


nice, nothing exceptional. I understand you made this all by yourself for no money so in that case you are limited with what you can do lighting wise. You got a nice day or may have called it off on previous days, regardless, it worked.

Extremely well done, you did an excellent job of condensing time. I didn't feel rushed through the story which I do often in spots.

The woman's response seems off to me, she sounds like she is ADR'd and the sync doesn't match. Plus I'm not in love with her performance. I would have probably liked it better if she said, "Now that's cool" but this is a directors choice and I respect the choice you made.

Overall, I really liked it, especially considering that you were a one man band. Well done.


Not too shabby:) Thanks Steve.