Monday, November 22, 2010

vWave-Lite iPad Control Surface

Okay, I never really wanted an iPad until now. Tangent Devices have just come out with a super cool free iPad app that simulates the touch and feel of it's $1,500.00 Wave panel. vWave-Lite is an amazing app that gives you the real time feedback and interface that colorists have been enjoying for years in their million dollar color grading suites.

The fact that this works at all is amazing, the fact that it is free is incredible.

Control Apple Color from your iPad
  • vWave-Lite allows you to control Color as distributed in Apple's Final Cut Studio suite of tools.
  • The three "virtual" trackerballs allow you to control the colour differential and masters in the Primary In, Secondaries and Primary Out rooms in Color, just like you would with our CP200 or Wave panels.
  • You can use vWave-Lite at the same time as your CP200 or Wave but you do not need either of these panels for it to work.
  • All the controls on vWave-Lite can be used simultaneously.
  • Connection to Color is via wireless network.
  • vWave-Lite is FREE to download and use from the Apple iTunes store!